Hairy Armpit Man Flexing in the Shower

Hairy Armpit Man Shower
Hairy armpit man flexing in the shower

There’s nothing hotter than a buff dude flexing and showing off his hairy armpits. Of course most of the guys that are flexing for the camera or the mirror are trying to show off their big and hard biceps. Guys like me mostly gravitate to his gay hairy armpits first before checking out his muscle. Of course huge biceps are always a winner but some guys shave their pits which is a huge turn off. It doesn’t matter how big your biceps are, if your pits are shaved, I’m turned off. When you combine huge flexing biceps and hairy armpits, that’s the sweet spot!

Black and White: Athletic Man’s Hairy Armpits

Black & White: Athletic Man Hairy Armpits
Black and white portrait of athletic man’s hairy armpits.

I’m not sure where this was taken but I think it has to be a Crossfit, Spartan Race or some other athletic event. I really like watching the Crossfit games because a lot of the guys compete shirtless. You get to see a nice mix of hairy men and other athletic men. Many of them are hairy armpit men which makes me so happy. Not only are they hairy but they are really fit and it’s nice to watch these hot guys doing these really hard and athletic things.

Raymond Felton’s Armpits

Raymond Felton's Armpits
Raymond Felton’s sweaty hairy armpits

One of the main reasons why I watch basketball is so that I can check out hairy armpit men. It’s one of the sports that is so fun to watch because guys are usually wearing sleeveless jerseys so you get to see their hairy armpits in action. This was a great find because you see Raymond Felton’s sweaty armpits. You can see the deodorant particles in his hairy armpits which are HOT AS FUCK! I’m not a fan of deodorant especially when you want to eat out a guy’s hairy armpits but seeing left over residue like this is fucking sexy. WOOF!