Raymond Felton’s Armpits

Raymond Felton's Armpits
Raymond Felton’s sweaty hairy armpits

One of the main reasons why I watch basketball is so that I can check out hairy armpit men. It’s one of the sports that is so fun to watch because guys are usually wearing sleeveless jerseys so you get to see their hairy armpits in action. This was a great find because you see Raymond Felton’s sweaty armpits. You can see the deodorant particles in his hairy armpits which are HOT AS FUCK! I’m not a fan of deodorant especially when you want to eat out a guy’s hairy armpits but seeing left over residue like this is fucking sexy. WOOF!

Guys with Dogs: Andres Camilo and His Dog

Packing. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @elevationgayski at #mammothmountain

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Through following gay personalities and social influencers, I learned about Andres Camilo and his dog. I really think it’s cute seeing guys with dogs. This is a super cute pic of them. It’s funny to me how it’s almost always true that the dog matches the owner’s personality. I definitely pictured Andres with a dog like this.

Reluctant Handjob by Song Inkollo

I discovered Song Inkollo’s comics some time last year and they are so hilarious! He basically writes comics about his daily life with his boyfriend and it’s always pretty amusing and funny. His art style is very manga-esque so I think he’s probably Asian but I’m not sure.

This one is about him reluctantly given his boyfriend a hand job. The best part, “They don’t call it a ‘job’ for nothing.” LOL!!!