Man Showing Off Thick Hairy Armpits

Man's Thick Hairy Armpits
Man’s showing off his thick hairy armpits

The thickness of a guy’s hairy armpits are mostly determined by genetics. This is why some guys are blessed with really hairy armpits while others are not that hairy. I really like it when a guy’s armpits are like this. It’s really thick and dense. You can’t see his skin under all that hair. That’s cool with me because the hairy and thicker they are, the better smelling they are. Guys that are like this usually sweat more too since it’s pure bush down there. That just gives me way more to enjoy. WOOF!

Handsome Man’s Piercing Eyes


One of my other weakness are guys with absolutely stunning eyes. I get lost in a guy’s really beautiful eyes. This man’s piercing eyes are incredible. You can see the light in them and it’s like you can see into his mind and soul. I think the first thing people look at when they look at your face is your eyes. I know I’m that way. If you’re eyes can pierce through my soul, my heart melts! I know it sounds cheesy but honestly, it’s one of the little things that really matter.